Tools For Webmasters

The list of free online tools for Webmasters

Embedded Media

Embedded Media in HTML Generator creates HTML code for pasting to your webpages to display media in your website.

Charset Convertor

This tool converts text from one encoding to another one.

DNS Query

DNS Query tool shows you DNS information on the domain you specify.

Diacritics Stripper

Diacritics Stripper tool gets all phrases you type and processes phrases one by one. If some letter with diacritics occurs in the phrase, such letter will be substituted with related letter without diacritics and the phrase will be shown in the result set of phrases. If there is no letter with diacritics in the phrase, such phrase will not be shown in the result set of phrases.

Google PageRank Calculation

Google PageRank indicates an individual page's value. PageRank varies between 0 - the lowest value and 10 - the highest value. With this tool you can find out Google PageRank of the URLs on the website you specify.

Header Viewer

This tool will show you complete HTTP header that a web server is sending with a HTTP response. You can see also cookies and redirections and other useful information about your website.

Host Locator

Host Locator will provide you information about Host by IP address or Host name. If you know IP address and want to know the name of the Host, fill Host IP Address. If you know the name of Host and want to know IP address, fill Host Name.

Keyword Density Calculator

Our tool Keyword Density Calculator tries to tell you, which keywords are the most used words on chosen website. Compare those keywords with keywords you optimize that website. If the amounts are different, you should change occurence of the keywords.

Link Checker

Check all your links on your website with this tool.

Link Popularity Checker

It is tool which measures popularity of your website by the total number of other websites that link to your website. The more links pointing to your website, the more popular your website is.

Meta Tag Builder

With Meta Tag Builder you can create HTML header for your webpages. There are hundreds of meta tags for describing webpages, set them in the right way.

Page Snooper

Page Snooper tool shows the HTML source code of a website you choose. HTML code will be highlighted with following colors:

Phrase Builder

Phrase Builder tool gets phrases from the first set of phrases one by one and creates new phrases by concatenation with phrases from the second set of phrases.

SiteMap Creator

Sitemap Creator is helpful tool for webmasters. Almost every webpage is providing sitemap. You can create sitemap manually or automatically with this tool. The best way is: first, start with Sitemap Creator, get results and adjust them according to your wishes.

Typo Generator

It is quite common, that people misspell some words. It happens also during searching informations on web search engines. Therefore, it can be useful to optimize your webpages also on these typos, not only real words. Find out what people are looking for with this tool.

Word Generator

Word Generator is tool for creating keywords or keyphrases in general. What you need is to choose the length of the word and the beginning of the word. The keyword is constructed in the way to be able to pronounce in english language.

Feb 5th 2006 - New tool created - Embedded Media.

May 4th 2006 - New tool created - Diacritics Stripper.

May 3rd 2006 - New tool created - Phrase Builder.

Feb 20th 2005 - New tool created - Keyword Shuffle.

Feb 18th 2005 - New tool created - CSS Snooper.

Feb 16th 2005 - New tool created - Link builder.

Aug 13th 2004 - New tool created - Keyword Density Calculator.

Aug 3rd 2004 - New tool created - Charset Convertor.

Aug 1st 2004 - Webmasters Tools started to offer free online services.

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